It’s been just over a week since we attended the Vape South America Expo in Medellin, Columbia, and we must say… WHAT. A. SHOW!

South America’s vape collective really came out in force to
attend the show and their passion for the industry truly shone through.

We were shocked at the incredible support we received from
attendees who loved our juices, from long term Just Juice fans to brand new supporters
whose first taste of our superior e-liquid was at the show.

Vape South America attracted passionate vapers from across
the continent not just from Columbia, emphasising how important this event is
to those who live in neighbouring countries such as Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Attendees out our stand

Our attendance at the show has helped to build upon our
already solid footing in the Central and South American markets, which despite
disruption from uncertainty in the United States continues to thrive and grow.

Whilst in Medellin we visited a number of vape stores to
hear from staff and customers about their opinions on the city and wider
regions vaping culture. It was great to speak to the everyday vapers and shop owners
about what they enjoy vaping and what they would like to see in the future.

One store, well actually, vape bar was the perfect place to
relax and escape Medellin’s everchanging weather. At Soyvap you are able to sit
down, have a vape and an ice-cold beer… something we are sure would be popular
in the UK.

Inside Soyvap

Last year we attended Vape South America in Peru which was a
wonderful event, however this year’s event has built upon that success,
delivering an even better expo which we are delighted to have been a part of.

We look forward to attending our next show in Central or South
America and cannot wait to meet all of our Just Juice fans once again!